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Want to enrich your brand’s reach?  Let’s help serve our audiences by showcasing your products and/or services in a way that promotes authentic growth for your following and your brand.  I can photograph, feature, and review your brand through dedicated blog posts, as well as through Instagram posts, stories, and live feed.  I am passionate about sharing products and services that inspire me, and would love to team up to spread the word and grow your business.

Book a discovery call so we can begin a collaboration that will help expand and serve your audience.


If you have a brand and are in need of professional photographs to use on your website or social media platforms, I’d love to collaborate and produce a collection that fits your needs.  Or perhaps you need a little guidance in terms of streamlining your editing style.  We can work on that too.  Want to up-level your iPhone photography, build a more professional portfolio, or become a more confident photographer?  I’ve spent years investing in my own photography education and would love to help you move forward with your photography needs.  Let’s do this!

Hire Jaime to boost your brand’s aesthetic appeal through professional imagery and styling. 


Are you in need of a boost for your business and brand? Do you have a creative idea you’d like to explore or a business you’d like to launch but are unsure of how to put things in motion? Could you benefit from more aesthetic direction in terms of your brand, social media platforms, photography, and styling? With more than ten years in the photography and wedding industry, a discerning eye for authentic inspiration, and a heart for serving storytellers, dreamers, and doers, I can offer you a personalized roadmap to ramping up your creative game.

Set up a complimentary consultation if you’d like to take your creative pursuits to the next level.

To inquire about brand services, please contact me and we’ll chat soon!